Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Complete Series

Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Complete Series Streaming

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Genre: Kids
  • Release Date: 2013-05-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 54
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Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Complete Series Streaming

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Four nations. One war-torn world. Go back to the beginning and relive the epic saga of Avatar: The Last Airbender – the animated series that became a global phenomenon – with this complete collection, including all three books: Water, Earth, and Fire. After being frozen in an iceberg for 100 years, Avatar Aang, a reluctant hero, must rise to his responsibility and fight against the evil Fire Nation to restore balance in his war-torn world. Along with his friends Katara and Sokka, the sister and brother from the Southern Water Tribe who discovered him, and Master Earthbender Toph, Aang must embark on a journey to master all four elements in order to save the world from the Fire Nation, which aims to destroy all other nation once and for all. But the Fire Nation has been awaiting the Avatar’s return … especially Prince Zuko, a young Firebender whose mission in life is to capture the Avatar, dead or alive. Hop aboard Appa, the Avatar’s flying bison, and travel to Air Temples, Water Tribes, and the Earth Kingdom as Aang reunites with past Avatars and old friends, and faces the Fire Nation. From the battle at Ba Sing Se to the final showdown, your destiny awaits as you experience all the powerful bending that’ll blow you away!

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Title Time
1 The Boy in the Iceberg: The Avatar Retur 23:47 Watch free
2 The Avatar Returns, Pt. 2 23:58 Watch free
3 The Southern Air Temple 24:10 Watch free
4 The Warriors of Kyoshi 23:56 Watch free
5 The King of Omashu 24:19 Watch free
6 Imprisoned 24:36 Watch free
7 Winter Solstice, Pt. 1: The Spirit World 24:40 Watch free
8 Winter Solstice, Pt. 2: Avatar Roku 23:49 Watch free
9 The Waterbending Scroll 24:39 Watch free
10 Jet 24:28 Watch free
11 The Great Divide 24:41 Watch free
12 The Storm 24:39 Watch free
13 The Blue Spirit 24:30 Watch free
14 The Fortune Teller 24:38 Watch free
15 Bato of the Water Tribe 24:36 Watch free
16 The Deserter 24:35 Watch free
17 The Northern Air Temple 24:28 Watch free
18 The Waterbending Master 24:39 Watch free
19 The Siege of the North, Pt. 1 24:34 Watch free
20 The Siege of the North, Pt. 2 25:05 Watch free
21 The Avatar State 24:38 Watch free
22 The Cave of Two Lovers 24:38 Watch free
23 Return to Omashu 24:35 Watch free
24 The Swamp 24:38 Watch free
25 Avatar Day 24:38 Watch free
26 The Blind Bandit 24:40 Watch free
27 Zuko Alone 24:39 Watch free
28 The Chase 24:41 Watch free
29 Bitter Work 24:38 Watch free
30 The Library 24:40 Watch free
31 The Desert 24:40 Watch free
32 The Secret of the Fire Nation 47:25 Watch free
33 City of Walls and Secrets 24:40 Watch free
34 Tales of Ba Sing Se 24:40 Watch free
35 Appa's Lost Days 24:38 Watch free
36 Lake Laogai 24:41 Watch free
37 The Earth King 24:41 Watch free
38 The Guru/The Crossroads of Destiny 47:32 Watch free
39 The Awakening 24:40 Watch free
40 The Headband 24:41 Watch free
41 The Painted Lady 24:40 Watch free
42 Sokka's Master 24:39 Watch free
43 The Beach 24:39 Watch free
44 The Avatar and the Firelord 24:40 Watch free
45 The Runaway 24:37 Watch free
46 The Puppetmaster 24:36 Watch free
47 Nightmares and Daydreams 24:38 Watch free
48 Day of the Black Sun 47:36 Watch free
49 The Western Air Temple 24:34 Watch free
50 The Firebending Masters 24:37 Watch free

Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Complete Series streaming


  • If I had $1M I’d buy this first

    By Ash65north
    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! I remember watching it when I was little cause it used to be on Netflix. I want to watch it again so bad! One of my favorite childhood memories. I neeeeed it back 😭. Hopefully I can get it one day
  • All of the episodes are here

    By 1234556778890098776554321
    A lot of the episodes that have parts like Sozin she commit are all combined into one episode. That’s why the episodes are so long for some of them is because it’s combined episodes. Love the show. Watched it all in a few days. Fantastic too bad there are no more episodes.
  • Purchased last year but they deleted it and released it again forcing a repurchase

    By TJ_2011
    Careful if you buy this content. They had this published before but deleted it then re-released it. If you purchased it before and didn’t back it up offline you will have to repurchase this again in the future.
  • Amazingly Brilliant!

    By Drea12344
    I’m a grown woman and I can’t stop watching the Avatar!
  • Perfection

    By DarkClawz
    One of the best stories ever told. Great animation, voice acting, small details, humor, action, drama, not to even mention how deep it makes you think about life and beyond and how we treat each other... Hands down my top animated series ever!
  • Missing episodes reason

    By Lightning bugz as they teach me how to dance vt a thrwat threat id like to make myself
    there arent any missing episodes, some of them are just combined!! -B2 12+13 "The Serpent's Pass" + "The Drill" is now "The Secret of the Firenation" -B2 19+20 "The Guro" + "The Crossroads of Destiny" is now "The Guru/The Crossroads of Destiny" -B3 10+11 is now "Day of the Black Sun" -B3 14+15 is now "The Boiling Rock" -B3 18-21 The Book 3 finale is now "Sozin's Comet"
  • The Epitome of Animated Television

    By Yorick Delano
    No other show (animated or live action) has ever reached the level of pure excellence that this show has!
  • Why are there EP missing

    By Lizbo3000
    there should be 61, but there are on 54 here. I really wanted to buy to watch but not if i'm being cheated of episodes. Anyone why theyre missing?
  • Amazing show.

    By VktoriaQ
    Really wish they would’ve been able to continue the story. Love, love, love this show.

    By Virtuousogamer
    There are glitches within the series and the most terrible one is in the 3rd season, episode 48 Day of the Black Sun episode. It is missing the ending of the episode and it cuts off at quite a pivotal part. The episode is. It 48 minutes, it is 38. It’s missing a whole 10 minutes of the episode. So what happened? Apple please fix this!