Freaky Friday

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Freaky Friday

  • Genre: Kids
  • Release Date: 2018-08-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 11

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Ellie is a 16-year-old attempting to assert her independence from her mom. Katherine is a mother struggling to understand her stubborn teenage daughter, who has a mind of her own. A confrontation arises when Katherine won't allow Ellie to join "The Hunt," an epic all-night scavenger quest. Upon wishing the other would change their ways, they magically swap bodies through the power of an hourglass that Ellie received from her father – a treasured gift which is then accidentally shattered. Now, the two must spend the day literally in each other's shoes while they hunt down the matching hourglass that Katherine's late husband gave her in order to swap bodies back to their true selves.

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Title Time
1 Freaky Friday 1:30:33 Watch free
2 Music Video: What It’s Like to Be Me 01:08 Watch free
3 Music Video: Just One Day 04:29 Watch free
4 Music Video: The Switch 01:06 Watch free
5 Music Video: I Got This 02:16 Watch free
6 Music Video: Oh, Biology 03:37 Watch free
7 Music Video: Parents Lie 02:43 Watch free
8 Music Video: Go 05:26 Watch free
9 Music Video: False Switchback / Today & 02:07 Watch free
10 Music Video: At Last It's Me 03:07 Watch free
11 Trailer 01:00 Watch free

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  • Not The Freaky Friday You Were Expecting

    By Peacheslove88
    Ok, let me say first I was one of the people who was complaining that they can never successfully remake the Lindsey Lohan version of Freaky Friday. But, it’s not a remake of that version. It’s a remake of the musical. I didn’t even know there was a musical until I watched a part of this movie on YouTube and someone in the comments explained it. So I officially watched this movie without thinking about the OG version and I loved it. The music was sung amazingly. The actors in this movie have very powerful voices and made it seem like I was watching a broadway show. They also are very good at lip syncing, unlike actors in some other Disney Channel movies where they over exaggerate each word. The music in the movie really helped the movie with the emotions that were shown. I now can’t imagine the movie without music. The actors were such great singers, because I truly felt the emotion in the words they were singing. That’s when you know it’s a great movie with great actors. So, this isn’t really a remake of the OG version of Freaky Friday. It’s a musical based on a musical and shouldn’t be compared to a version without music. Also watch the whole movie first before reviewing it. Like me, you might think differently.
  • Yes

    By #ok👌🏾
    I love this movie
  • Haters gonna hate...

    By Livin. Life.
    I loved this movie especially because I hated the first two though sometimes I flung myself or my friends yelling at the tv saying « Just say it, don’t sing it! »
  • The best part in life was it and you were

    By Chris-P15521
    The game has always made it better and more fun than ever to play with friends and family to enjoy 😊😛😘😋😛😇😅😀😃😄😁😆☺️😊🤣😂😅😍🤗🤭🦄
  • Best version so far!!!!

    By Fattestcat4eva
    I have seen the movie and I think it was the best version of it so far!!!!!!!!
  • Great music and story

    By addfrog114
    I feel like a lot of the people leaving bad reviews don’t realize that this movie isn’t a remake of the Lindsey Lohan film. It’s an adaption of the VERY recent theatrical show Disney created for freaky Friday with incredible original songs. The is one of the best dcoms I have seen in recent years.
  • Well...

    By Basketballdog07_
    It was good. I was not expecting it to be a musical at all. The Swap(which is also a dcom)was a much better movie. I HATEE, and I mean HATE the song "Oh Biology". Fun fact-the song "Go" was 2018's Disney Channel Summer anthem. It's a good movie overall, and i like it wayyy more than the 3 original theatrically released films!
  • Love it

    By Leoboy265314
    Wow Disney version now is so catchy and I love the difference in ideas for Freaky Friday
  • I liked it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    By eurudnrjfj
    I liked the movie it had a good message just I was not expecting a musical. I was expecting it to be like the swap. And the song about biology was like really weird. Like hey I am not trying to be rude but I am just sharing my thoughts about the movie

    By FreddysNotDead4115
    The “original” Freaky Friday you all speak of starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan WAS THE REMAKE, the original came out in 1976 based on a 1972 novel and was remade once before for The Wonderful World of Disney in 1995, then again in 2003 Which is the version you probably saw and think Disney is “tainting” and “ruining” with their latest “remake”. But the movie you’re so fond of is a remake OF A REMAKE! And this latest version is NOT A REMAKE - but BASED ON A THEATRICAL STAGE MUSICAL PRODUCED BY DISNEY. Which was in turn based on the novel and took elements from all of the movie adaptions. So stop calling it a remake, and the 2003 version “the original”. Go watch the original movie starting a young Jodie Foster as the daughter, as the screenplay was written by the author of the original novel! Disney cut MOST songs from the musical and added some new ones, the one that stands out from the others is the finale “At Last It’s Me” as it’s painfully Disney Channel while the other songs have that musical Theatre feel to them.