Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud

Watch Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud Streaming

Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2018-09-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 1

Watch Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud Streaming

Executive produced by Academy® Award-winner Marlee Matlin, this new documentary special follows three predominantly-deaf families as they raise their children in a hearing world— forging their own paths forward and combating the daily social stigmas many deaf people face.

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1 Deaf Out Loud 42:30 Watch free

Watch Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud streaming


  • Other motivations

    By TitiWilin
    I watched the show and thought it was ok. The families had feel good kind of stories and they seemed to be facing typical issues within deaf families and claim to be doing the show to educate. I checked into the families themselves on social media and my mind changed. One family already created a “show” page before the show actually came out and they’re selling t shirts, cheap jewelry by a deaf “artist” family member, and doing speaking tours for some non profit that only seems to exist on a FB page. Another promoted it on their business page and was begging people to pull up ratings so that they get a permanent show, including links to encourage people to watch the show any way they can. If they initially claimed to be doing this to educate, they’re now doing it to get famous. The only family that feels “real” to me is the Posner family. And ironically they are the ones getting criticized the most by the deaf community. Not cool.
  • Representation Matters!

    By KSaraSara
    This show is SO, SO important, and I really hope A&E chooses to continue with more episodes!! My daughter is one of the 90-95% of deaf kids born to hearing families. Without mainstream exposure and representation from shows like this and Switched at Birth, many people wouldn't realize that deaf/Deaf people are just normal people. There's so much to learn about Deaf culture, community, and language, and this is a great start.
  • More Episodes Please!!!

    By kait998
    This show was a wonderful showcase for deaf culture and how different families fit themselves into the deaf community. I want to know more!
  • Deaf out loud

    By kalli.jenkins
    I think this movie was excellent. It was very informative. I think this movie is a good one because a lot of people don’t know what it’s like or what to do if they have a deaf kid. I know that’s not everything but it’s a start. And it was funny too. In this you got to see deaf people having fun, being themselves. And you get to experience some of it too.
  • Fabulous

    Was a great film. I am from Australia, had change the location and I enjoyed it! Well done guys.
  • Wow!!!!

    By Sylvia Benitez
    In facts, that is all true about between deaf and coda family! I watch it again like 10 times lol
  • Amazing!

    By MariHall07
    I hope this show stay more for next episode. I love it.
  • Breaking Barriers

    By Melwdzi
    This show is perfect. It’s an eye opening journey into 3 totally different family dynamics and how they get through. It hits close to home on my journey with my deaf son 🤟🏼
  • Keep the show going!!

    By Heda hutch
    I need this show in my life
  • Amazing Show!!!

    By qveenlily
    It’s great to watch a real life by deaf parents and their children to see how their experience life. I think it’s amazing.