Cheers, Season 1

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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1982-09-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
From 197 Ratings

Watch Cheers, Season 1 Streaming

Cheers premiered in 1982 and the story about a blue-collar Boston bar run by former sports star Sam Malone and the quirky and wonderful people who worked and drank there quickly captured America's heart. In its first season Sam and pampered new waitress Diane Chambers deal with their mutually growing crush while handling a parade of strange customers. Bar know-it-all Cliff Clavin, perpetually unemployed yet ever-present Norm Peterson, cranky and down-to-earth waitress Carla, and bartender Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso round out the eccentric main cast. Be sure to watch "Diane's Perfect Date," where Sam and Diane dare to find each other's perfect date, as well as the season finale "Showdown," where Diane falls for Sam's older brother.

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Title Time
1 Give Me a Ring Some Time 24:58 Watch free
2 Sam's Women 24:55 Watch free
3 The Tortelli Tort 24:57 Watch free
4 Sam At Eleven 24:55 Watch free
5 Coach's Daughter 24:55 Watch free
6 Any Friend of Diane's 24:56 Watch free
7 Friends, Romans and Accountants 24:49 Watch free
8 Truce or Consequences 24:53 Watch free
9 Coach Returns to Action 24:56 Watch free
10 Endless Slumper 25:00 Watch free
11 One for the Book 24:27 Watch free
12 The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One 24:59 Watch free
13 Now Pitching. Sam Malone 24:14 Watch free
14 Let Me Count the Ways 24:17 Watch free
15 Father Knows Last 24:10 Watch free
16 The Boys in the Bar 24:06 Watch free
17 Diane's Perfect Date 24:07 Watch free
18 Pick a Con…Any Con 24:10 Watch free
19 No Contest 24:10 Watch free
20 Someone Single, Someone Blue 24:08 Watch free
21 Show Down, Pt. 1 24:09 Watch free
22 Show Down, Pt. 2 24:00 Watch free

Watch Cheers, Season 1 streaming


  • Love it! Now iTunes Please add FRASIER to iTunes.

    By mantis55
    Love it! Now iTunes Please add FRASIER to iTunes. I love cheers I just bought the First and Second season and when I finish them I keep buying them as I go. I have to say that I really like this show Im 23 so I was to young to watch it when it originally aired. I discovered this show because I a couple of years back began watching Frasier reruns and I just fell in love with that so. If only writing on today's shows was as good and mature as the writing on Frasier and Cheers. So it was my love of Frasier that got me into cheers and I have to say that I'm loving every minute of it and hate for it to end. Now all I have to say is that iTunes please please but Frasier on iTunes for purchasing I'll buy every single season the day that you release them, so hurry up and get it on iTunes so that all of us can enjoy it at home and on the go on the iPad!!!
  • Finally a great Classic is on iTunes!

    By lmpeck
    Thank you for finally adding this timeless classic to the iTunes family. I almost gave up hoping it would ever be available! Don't miss this show.
  • Finally!!

    This an amazing show. I am so happy that its now on itunes. One of my Christmas wishes finally came true.
  • Cheers Baby!!

    By chop dml
    Been waiting and my wish came true!! All I can say is bring on the seasons as soon as possible. Thanks ITunes!!
  • Thank You! The best comedy ever!

    By Angus Rubinstein
    A dream comes true. Cheers on iTunes. Now we wait for Seinfeld, Wings, Frasier, News Radio, crew Carey, Suddenly Susan, etc. Producers and Studios bring the 80' and 90' finally to iTunes. Thank you!